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Utrecht University Humanities Graduate Conference

Impact outside Academia (11.04)

Humanities Graduate conference presents one of the two parallel panels of the first day of the conference (11 April):

Impact outside Academia

This panel is focused on the way in which the humanities educate people not only for a life in academia but also for jobs in various domains of society. In this panel three PhD alumni will talk about how their PhD time relates to their current work and which valuable skills they brought with them from academia. They will reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of the field in which they work now. During this panel, there will be enough room for questions from (R)MA students about their future job perspectives.

The information on the parallel panel, “Impact in Academia” is accessible here.


Dr. Lena Karvovskaya
Utrecht University

Lena Karvovskaya is a theoretical linguist with a broad interest in digital technologies and humanities. Her ultimate goal is to support researchers in linguistics by assisting them in accessing, organizing, analyzing and sustainable storing digital research data.


Dr. Maurits van Os
NL International Works

Maurits van Os is a historian with an interest in cross-border mergers. He is currently the Manager Strategy at NL International Works, an organisation powered by the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs & Climate & Confederation of Dutch Business.


Dr. Eliane Fankhauser
Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

Eliane Fankhauser is a musicologist who specialized in late medieval music in the Netherlands. Currently, she is project leader at DANS, a Dutch organization that helps researchers to archive their data, and make it available in a digital format.