Utrecht University Humanities Graduate Conference

Conference Committee 2020

Committee Chairs
Jamilla Notebaard – Chair

Jamilla Notebaard is a PhD candidate within the NWO-funded project “Projecting Knowledge – the magic lantern as a tool for science communication in the Netherlands, 1880-1940. Her project is focused on knowledge transfer within academia by means of the optical lantern.

Dennis Jansen – Vice-Chair
Dennis Jansen is a second-year RMA student of Media, Art, and Performance Studies. His current research focuses on videogames, materialism, and critical theory. He is managing editor at Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities.


Team ‘Correspondence’ – maintaining communications with speakers
Sanne Steen

Sanne Steen is in the first year of the RMA Art History of the Low Countries. She is passionate about seventeenth-century Dutch drawings and prints but does not shy away from other subjects. Sanne is copy editor at Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities.

Lefteris Zacharioudakis

Lefteris Zacharioudakis is a second-year RMA student in Philosophy. His current research focuses on conceptual engineering and the concept of nature.

Team ‘Budget’ – managing financial issues
Megan Mackaaij

Megan Mackaaij is a second year RMA Linguistics student at Utrecht University, with a bachelor in English Language and Culture. She is still developing her interests, but is as of yet mostly interested in language acquisition and multilingualism.

Team ‘PR’ – arranging all publicity
Björn Lichtenberg

Bjorn Lichtenberg is a first-year student of the research master Linguistics. His main interests are theoretical linguistics and sociology and anthropology and their interfaces with linguistics. He is editor-in-chief of the student journal LingUU.

Rogier van der Heijden

Rogier van der Heijden is a second-year student of the RMA Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. His research focuses on emperorship, architecture and propaganda in ancient Rome.