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Utrecht University Humanities Graduate Conference

Collaboration with NICA (ECTS support)


NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis) research school provides the conference contributors with the ECTS support. Participants of the conference can gain up to 2,5 ECs for their total conference experience and consequent reflection.

1 ECTS for:
• Preparing the masterclass (3 readings and a 500 word abstract)
• Participation in the masterclass
• Writing a 1000 word reflection
1 ECTS for:
• Preparing one’s own conference presentation and presenting it
0,5 ECTS for:
• Joining one panel on impact in the humanities and the Centre for Humanities discussion on Thursday, April 11
• Joining two keynotes and two of the student panels on Friday, April 12
• Writing a 750 word reflection


The information about the ECs provided by NICA and about the masterclasses can be found on the NICA’s website:
Masterclass (S. During)
Masterclass (E. Belfiore)