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Conference Committee 2019

Committee Chair
Gerwin van Schie – Chair
Gerwin van Schie
Gerwin is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at ICON, Utrecht University with the NWO-funded project “Datafication of Race and Ethnicity in the Netherlands: Investigating Practices, Politics and Appropriation of Governmental Open Data”. His research focuses on the way Dutch immigrant populations are ‘datafied’ by various societal institutions.
Team ‘Correspondence’ – maintaining communications with speakers
Susana Puente Matos
Susana Puente Matos
Susana Puente Matos is an art historian conducting her PhD research on Pieter Frans Christiaan ‘Pyke’ Koch (1901-1991), a Dutch magical realist artist deeply influenced by Oswald Spengler.
Anneloek Scholten
Anneloek Scholten
Anneloek Scholten is a second-year RMA Comparative Literary Studies student at Utrecht University. She is primarily interested in Anglophone modernist literature, currently focusing on dynamics of censorship and advertising from 1890-1935.
Dennis Jansen
Dennis Jansen is a first-year RMA Media, Art, and Performance Studies student at Utrecht University and book review co-editor at Junctions. His research focuses mostly on fan-made archives for digital game series The Elder Scrolls.
Team ‘Budget’ – managing financial issues
Tim de Winkel
Tim de Winkel
Tim de Winkel is a PhD student at the department of Media & Culture of Utrecht University. He develops and teaches courses on digital methods and data practices in the Humanities. His current research is on Fringe Social Media platforms and their influence on the networked public sphere.
Megan Mackaaij
Megan Mackaaij is a first year RMA Linguistics student at Utrecht University, with a bachelor in English Language and Culture. She is still developing her interests, but is as of yet mostly interested in language acquisition and multilingualism.
Team ‘PR’ – arranging all publicity
Joanna Wall
Joanna is a PhD candidate in the NWO project Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age at Utrecht University and the Meertens Institute. Her research focuses on the linguistic aspects of variation in seventeenth century Dutch in the context of broader variation in the West Germanic languages.
Christl de Kloe
Christl de Kloe is a first-year RMA Media, Art, and Performance Studies student at Utrecht University. Her research focuses mostly on the relations between human and technology, with a main interest in sex technologies.
Elizaveta Shishlakova
Elizaveta Shishlakova
Elizaveta is a first-year RMA Religious Studies student at Utrecht University. She is interested in religion and popular culture (anime and videogames) and in new religious movements.
Team ‘Playbook’ – establishing future conference-planning protocols
Maia Kenney
Maia Kenney is a second-year RMA Art History of the Low Countries student at Utrecht University. She is doing a curatorial internship at the Central Museum, researching primitivism’s intersection with sex and sexuality in modernist art movements (primarily surrealism).